White imitation greaseproof wrapping paper 28 gsm

półpergamin biały
28 gsm imitation greaseproof wrapping paper is a high-quality cellulose paper. Food contact and FSC certified.
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Imitation greaseproof 28 gsm is a thin, white wrapping paper ideally suited for packing any type of delicate goods. It is also used for the production of bags, food and pharmaceutical packaging. It can be applied as a wrapping, package filler, industrial dividers (e.g. glass or aluminum production).

The imitation greaseproof paper a food contact certificate. There is also an option to buy an FSC-certified paper.

Grammage: 28 gsm

Composition: 100% recovered white cellulose fiber

There is a possibility of a individual print on a flexographic printer (up to 2 colors) and engraving on request.
Sold in sheets and in rolls.
There is also a possibility to cut the paper to a specific size, according to customer requirements.

28 gsm imitation greaseproof paper is mainly used for:

  • packaging production, also for the food industry;
  • packaging of goods;
  • wrapping;
  • as industrial spacers;
  • as a parcel filler.