Cookies policy

Information Concerning Cookie Files

This website uses cookies. Their purpose is to provide services at the highest level, customized to the needs of the website’s end users. The website contacts again with some of the files in order to adapt to information or consumption preferences (incl. analyzing visit statistics and activities on the site or preventing abuse).

Leaving your browser settings unchanged is tantamount to consent to the use of cookie files. More information about the cookies’ role is included in the Cookies Policy, as stated below. Browser settings can be modified at any time.

The use of cookies in no case violates the provisions of the GDPR Information Clause and does not go beyond the Privacy Policy specified in it.

Cookie Files Policy

All information contained in this document apply to the cookie files included on websites operated by Kakado LLC (hereinafter referred to as “websites”), based in the city of Będzin (postal code 42-500), Kościuszki St. 86, registered in the National Court Register under the KRS no. 0000731248, tax ID no. (NIP): PL6252465055, national business registry no. (REGON): 380163271.

§ 1

Cookie files are defined as IT data, in particular text files, stored in users’ terminal devices, whose function is to improve the use of websites. They contain data on the source of the origin (usually the URL address), storage time and a unique number.

§ 2
Purpose of use

The purpose of cookie files is to automate the process of recognizing the user’s end device and thus adapt the displayed websites to his preferences and optimize the process of using the sites. They also allow to collect anonymous statistics (using data analytics tools) that show how viewers use the they use the website functionalities. Thanks to this, it is possible to constantly improve the content and structure of the website. Cookie files are not used in any way to personally identify a given user.

§ 3
File types

The website uses permanent and temporary cookie files. Permanent files are left on the user’s end device for the time defined in the file parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user. Temporary files remain on the user’s end device until the user’s browsing session ends, in particular until the browser is closed.

he following types of cookies may be used on websites, depending on their functions: analytical, basic, security, personalizing. Websites do not use advertising cookies.

§ 4
Privacy policy

All data contained in the cookie files remain encrypted in order to prevent unauthorized access to them. The cookies implemented on the websites do not collect data that personally identify individual users, and all information collected by these files is used only for the purposes referred to in the introduction and in § 3 of this document. Personal data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR Information Clause, including in particular the Privacy Policy contained therein.

§ 5
Limitations of use

Restricting the use of cookies by the user by changing web browser’s settings, may adversely affect the operation of some functionalities available on websites. The default policy of most web browsers allows the storage of cookie files on the user’s end device. The user can modify his browser settings at any time, following the instructions in the introduction to this document.