Food Contact Cold

papiery i kartony Food Contact Cold
Natural and eco-friendly monomaterial containing 100% pure cellulose. It is suitable for recycling and compostable. It contains no polymers, it is not re-coated, making it fully biodegradable (EN 13432).
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Completely organic, 100% biodegradable and compostable range of paper and cardboard intended for direct contact with food. Bleached without chlorine, resistant to grease. The Food Contact paper and carton range is characterized by a neutral pH. It has the following certificates: BfR36 / 36.2, DIN 10955, FDA21 CFR Ch.1, EN 1935/2004, EN 2023/09. Complies with PEFC, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 standards.

Grammage: 90 – 300, 350 (quail – melange only), 400, 430 gsm

Format: 700 x 1000 mm

Colors: white, ecru, quail – melange, yellow, orange, chocolate, dark chocolate, black

Printing methods: flexography, lithography, offset.

Other sheet sizes and grammage range available on request.

Food Contact Cold papers and cartons are an ideal way to pack food in an eco-friendly way, without compromising on taste and nutrition. Most often they are intended for:

  •  spacers, dividers for chocolate boxes;
  • sweets and cakes packaging;
  • folded bread bags;
  • cold fast food packaging;
  • takeaway food containers;
  • salad boxes;
  • packaging for cold storage and frozen food.