CR Papermax glue

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CR Papermax glue is based on vinyl polyacetate and is intended mainly for the packaging industry. It allows gluing paper, cardboard, fiberboard, cork, fabric, foil and other materials, including those in contact with food. It creates a flexible, colorless and durable joint.
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CR adhesive is a water dispersion of polyacetylvinyl with additional improvers. Due to the high viscosity, the adhesive is recommended primarily for manual gluing, using roller or brush. After applying the adhesive, the material must be pressed, before it becomes completely dry.

Approximate consumption: 100 to 400 gsm

CR adhesive should be transported and stored in original, tightly closed containers at a temperature of 5 – 35 °C. Protect against freezing, because in case of freezing the adhesive is irreparably damaged. Do not store near heaters and in sunny places. The adhesive retains its properties for up to 12 months.

Wear protective clothing and gloves during work. Avoid environmental pollution.

Available in packages: 1, 6, 10, 20, 70 kg

CR adhesive is mainly used in the below-mentioned applications:

  • production of packaging from paper, cardboard, fiberboard (including food packaging);

  • production of fabric packaging;

  • laminating and lining cardboard (covering large areas);
  • bookbinding.