Automatic cover production lines

Automatic cover production lines
Fully automatic lines for gluing, laminating and wrapping cardboard covers.
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Fully automatic lines for gluing, laminating and wrapping cardboard covers. Used for the production of binders, folders, files, puzzles, table games, advertising and office items made from veneered cardboard. The lines are characterized by a wide range of usable paper and cardboard formats (from a minimum of 15 x 18 cm up to a format of 80 x 120 cm), as well as quality and high efficiency of wrapping.

Due to the quick and easy format changes, the line is suitable for both long and short production runs. The lines have a modular character and can be gradually expanded with further modules that automate and accelerate subsequent production cycles as the company grows and increases its capabilities. Their quality is confirmed by over 400 already installed lines.

Individual modules that can be designed in an automatic line:

HELIOMAT (H in the name of the line)

Automatic glue applicator for paper, cardboard and other materials. It allows gluing veneers from paper, canvas or other materials.
– Enables cold and hot gluing.
– The adhesive is applied to the upper surface of the veneer.
– Transport belt with air extraction, with the possibility of stopping and fitting the cardboard.
– Removable glue feeder (manual paper can be fed).
– Easy washing and cleaning.

SPOTTER (S in the name of the line)
Automatic cardboard feeder. It has the ability to load one or several sheets of cardboard at a time.
– Equipped with an external independent tray for pre-loading cardboard.

VIRGO (V in the name of the line)
Machine designed for automatically wrapping covers from four sides and smoothing their surfaces.
– Wraps all types of paper and other materials on the cardboard.
– Provides high and consistent performance.

AURIGA (A in the name of the line)
Roller press for smoothing covers and veneers. It presses the adhesive wrap very carefully against the cardboard.