Plastic rivets NRV & BRV

Plastic rivets NRV
Bookbinding rivets with a short screw, made of colored plastic.
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Plastic rivets used in bookbinding to connect elements of sample sets and other materials.

Catalog no. depends on dimensions (H – rivet capacity):
BRV 1.5 H = 1.5 mm
BRV 2.5 H = 2.5 mm
NRV 3 H = 3 mm
NRV 5 H = 5 mm
NRV 7.5 H = 7.5 mm
NRV 10 H = 10 mm

H (rivet capacity) – from 1.5 to 10 mm
A (head diameter) – 12mm
A (foot diameter) – 5.5 mm

Color: white, black, transparent
Packaging: 1000 pcs.

NRV and BRV plastic rivets are used in bookbinding to connect paper elements and to create sample sets and rotary charts.