Colored tissue paper 18 gsm

bibuła kolory różne
Product available only on request! The 18 gsm tissue paper is made of 100% cellulose - mass-dyed or printed at the next stage of production. Suitable for the packaging of exclusive products such as jewelry, perfumes, glass, crystals, clothing, shoes. FSC certified.
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18 gsm tissue paper is a thin paper ideally suited for packing luxury goods. It is used as a wrapping for high-quality shoes, clothing, watches, perfumes and other demanding goods.

The paper is smooth, does not scratch the surface of the goods. It is also applied to fill empty space in packages.

Grammage: 18 – 19 gsm

Colors: black, gold, red, blue, navy blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, grey, brown

Formats: mainly sold in sheets 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm

There is a possibility of selling in rolls and stacks – after prior arrangements, depending on deliveries.

This product in only available on special order

18 gsm color tissue paper is mainly used for packing exclusive goods, such as:

  • shoes;
  • clothing;
  • jewellery;
  • glass, crystals.